Ajika – Hot chilli and herb paste


  • “This paste is a combination of exciting, fruity, zingy flavours that really sing in the mouth. Despite its fierce chilli heat all the other flavours are allowed to harmonise – and the actual ‘burning’ heat does not linger but simply leaves a glow. We could see many uses for this” (Great Taste Judging Panel)

100% Natural

Low calorie

Vegan friendly


Ingredients: Red Hot Chilli Flakes, Salt, Garlic, Dried Herbs & Spices, Water.


Ajika – Hot Chilli & Herb Paste.

The aromatic spiciness and flavour go well beyond the heat of this Ajika paste, as a result the broad savoury flavour makes Ajika uniquely versatile and irresistable.

Ajika is the perfect all-purpose spice that you can use quickly and easily to satisfy all your culinary needs. For instance, our customers enjoy Ajika as meat rubs, marinades, seasonings for sauces, spread on sandwiches and mixed with yoghurt  .

In addition, vegans and vegetarians can enjoy Ajika as part of their plant based meals or mixed into hummus.



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