Ajika – Medium heat chilli and herb paste


Add an aromatic spiciness to all your savoury snacks and meals.

100% Natural

Low calorie

Vegan friendly


Ingredients: Medium Heat Chilli Flakes, Salt, Garlic, Dried Herbs & Spices, Water.


Ajika – Medium Heat Chilli & Herb Paste

A well-known blend of chillies, garlic, salt and fragrant dried herbs and spices. Medium heat Ajika Chilli and Herb Paste was Editors’ choice 2017 from new products being exhibited at the Harrogate Fine Food show.

Enjoy as a rub, marinade, dip, dressing or seasoning for cooked or uncooked dishes to add flavour unlike any other spice product on the market right now.

All our products are 100% natural, low calorie, allergen free and vegan friendly and as Ajika means salt, use it as a spicy seasoning or condiment for any savoury snack or dish.


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