Ajika – Green and mild chilli and herb Paste


Add fragrant adn aromatic spiciness to all yoru savoury snacks and dishes. Ajika Green chilli and herb pasoe gives the perfect flavour and balance of heat to satisfy all your culinary needs.

100% Natural

Low calorie

Vegan friendly


Ingredients: Chilli Flakes, Salt, Garlic, Dried Coriander Leaves, Dried Herbs and Spices, Water. 


Ajika – Green and Mild Chilli Herb Paste

Our green Ajika chilli and herb paste is a great compliment to the hot and medium pastes. This is because we make it with a richer combination of aromatic herbs and spices to add to its colour and variation on flavour.

We find it goes perfectly with lamb, as a spread on sandwiches and as an addition to naural yoghurt and soured.

All our products are 100% natural, low calorie, allergen free and vegan friendly and as Ajika means salt, you can use it as a spicy seasoning or condiment for any savoury snack and meal of any cuisine.


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