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Ajika – Mild chili and herb paste

Ajika – Mild Chili & Heb Paste

A uniquely aromatic and flavoursome all-in-one  paste, rub, baste, dressing and dip.

Our Ajika hot chili and herb paste has the most appetising aroma.  It is hot, but doesn’t burn. Ajika is different to all other spicy products.  More than just a chili paste, it is an all-in-one paste, rub, baste, dressing, seasoning and dip ready to use in any dish, with any meal or snack and on any type of meat to give it that extra kick, packed full of warm flavour.  Use Ajika as a substitute for salt and see just how much you can get out of this all-in-one condiment. For those who want all the flavour, but less of the heat, we now offer a slightly milder version to Ajika Hot.



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