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You can create your own tasty Ajika creations with the help of our Brand New Ajika recipe e-book.

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Ajika is a well-known blend of chillies, fragrant herbs and spices originating from regions of the South Caucasus. Until now, no authentic variety has been widely available in the UK. With unique heritage, flavour bursts and a wide range of applications, these wonderful chilli and herb pastes bring something truly different to the world of spices. Check out our brand new Ajika recipe e-book to start making your own creations.

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Download our new Ajika recipe e-book for more ways to enjoy the diverse depths of Ajika Medium, Ajika Hot or Ajika Green and Mild flavours.

Ajika spices can be enjoyed as a marinade for meat and fish, blended with natural yoghurt or hummus, as a base for curries and pasta sauces, or even as a salad dressing. The wealth of applications makes Ajika extremely versatile, and its superb taste and manageable heat will just leave you wanting more.

Ajika is an irresistible spicy condiment, cooking ingredient and seasoning. It has a history of generations  and was always traditionally used as a substitute for salt.  We have re created

the authentic aromas and flavours of authentic Ajika spices using only natural ingredients.

Due to its nature, Ajika fits with food from a range of different backgrounds and cuisines. As you will see in our e-book, Ajika can be used to marinade meat, add spice to a curry, add depth and flavour to a salad and much more. No matter what your spice preference, we have a heat level to suit your palette. If you want to start small, try our green and mild herb paste. If you are seeking a kick or feeling adventurous, jump straight into our Great Taste Award winning red “hot” Ajika paste.

Try Ajika sauces with your next meal for a full flavour, healthy and natural condiment guaranteed to make any meal come to life,

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